Kwame M.A. McPherson’s achievements speak for themselves as an award winning author and an entrepreneur (or authorpreneur), he has helped many individuals achieve their dreams and goals by coaching them to write and share their own story.

A great story teller, Kwame has transformed the lives of many people by co-ordinating creative writing and empowerment workshops in the UK, Canada and Caribbean. A mentor he has created a new bespoke service for fledgling authors, offering a thorough writing to self-publishing service and guaranteed income stream.

Wake_Up_Smell_The_Money_1Having been involved with small and medium enterprises (SMEs), he brings this expertise in helping others to build their own brand and business by having a book. Baobab Tree Book Publishing:

  • provides a bespoke publishing services for new writers who want to publish their own book;

    PHOTO: Kwame and Pauline A Clarke with mentor Raymond Aaron, NY Times Best Selling Author of ‘Double Your Income Doing What You Love’
  • provides a mentoring programme for new writers, enabling them to bring to market
    their finished manuscript;
  • will show how to create print-on-demand and online portals;
  • assist with storytelling and brand building by having a published book.

See Baobab Tree Books Publishing:   www.lulu.com/spotlight/baobabtreebooks.








Award Winning Author, Authorpreneur, International Speaker, Poet & Mentor, Book Publisher