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Read the adventures of Akua, Wynter and Roxan as they navigate young adulthood in a new environment. An accessory in the Zuree ( brand featuring Toya, the FIRST Jamaican-speaking dolly in the world, The Zuree Girls-School Again is a book for young people and adults alike.  (

Singledom for any single mother can be an uneasy journey. This heartwarming book, explains the challenges of one such mother as she manoeuvres the minefield.  A Single Mother and the Dating Game: tips on how to manoeuvre the dating minefield, is a refreshing read for all people who wish to know how difficult it can be.


Jamaica, a land of beguiling beauty and wonderful people. Imagine being of Jamaican heritage and going there for the first time! Our First Trip To Jamaica: the land of wood and water, is a funny and pleasant book written by two young people having the adventure of their life. A fund read. (  

Life is a journey. Along the way, many things happen to us not of our making but the incompassionate and wickedness of others. Unearthing The Diamond: a story of struggle and strife to a successful life, documents one such struggle of a great and wonderful young woman, mother and wife. Read her emotional and heartbreaking yet overcoming tribulation tale and be moved as well as empowered. (





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