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Kwame M.A. McPherson, is an authorpreneur, poet, public speaker, mentor and online publisher. Entrepreneurship for Kwame has meant helping to build businesses. His varied business experience has included import/export, woman’s apparel, virtual administrative support to currently providing information and knowledge-based services in areas such as publishing. Learning from his mistakes, Kwame quickly recognised that in order to reach his limitless abilities, mentors would be the key to his future development and success. Kwame is now using the invaluable and fundamental skills he has gained through his journey to help others achieve their own goals and dreams.

Kwame’s debut non-fiction book, “Wake Up Smell the Money – 10 Steps to a Better Retirement Life” was co-authored with his friend and business partner Pauline A Clarke helps people take responsibility of their financial future to encouraging the creation of generational legacy as well as identifying their unique abilities in order to empower themselves. In addition this groundbreaking book, Kwame is also the author of many other books consisting of poetry, short stories, novelettes and novels. As a contributing creative writer, Kwame has written for Candace Magazine (London, UK) and provided articles to AFAR (Connecticut, USA www.afar.com), Asta Publications (Georgia, USA www.astapublications.com), Nubian News Newsletter (London, UK www.nubiannesnetwork.com) and Nu Generation (Caribbean). Featured on radio and Cable TV (CHRY – Toronto, Canada www.chry.fm;  and BEN TV www.bentelevision.com – London, UK), conducted book readings, poetry performances as well as participated in open mic sessions. Raymond book for dummies 7-13Kwame is a mentee of high level entrepreneur and NY Times Best Selling Author, Raymond Aaron (pictured, with Pauline), author of Double Your Income Doing What You Love and Branding Small Business for  Dummies which has also enhanced his aim of educating and empowering others to reach their full potential.

Uploaded on May 18, 2008, transnational author Kwame McPherson shares from his work at the launch of Sis Dr Sandra Richards workbook THE JOURNEY.

Uploaded on October 15, 2011, on this very special Pepisode (PEP TalkSeason 2, pepisode 5 with Kwame McPherson), recorded in London, Ms. Peppy raps with actor and poet, Kwame McPherson.

Published on November 13, 2012, held at Willesden Green Library on 31 October 2012, Brent’s Word up celebrations included ‘Discover Jamaica’ featuring Jamaican poet Kwame MA McPherson and Jamaican music historian and author Chris Salewicz.

Published April 3, 2016, The Kwame McPherson Show, a new interview show with ‘normal’ people who are making a difference to others, across the world.

Kwame_McPherson_Our_Eternal_LegacyWhilst living in Jamaica writing began as a hobby from a young age, but Kwame only recognising his love of writing when first witnessing and appreciating how others enjoyed the writing style of his poems and stories. Years later entering ‘Heinneman Book Publishers Short Story Competition (1991)’, he secured a runners-up spot, for a short story synopsis called, ‘Ah Nuh Soh Parson Get Him Gown’. Still developing Kwame entered the (ACER, 1994) poetry competition, again securing another Runners-up spot for the poem, “Black Angel”. Through the intervening years and growing from his life experiences, Kwame’s writing career blossomed in 2007, when upon securing yet another runners-up position (PoeticSoul www.poeticsoul.ca, 2007), for ‘Her African Beauty’, he began to really focus and take his writing more seriously. Kwame went onto win both first and third places for short story contributions, ‘The Disillusioned Teen’ and ‘Elmer Fudd Goes Hunting’ respectively (PoeticSoul, 2007). Now recognising his style of telling stories was a gift he couldn’t reject, Kwame knew he was ordained to communicate life-changing messages, leading to him to complete his first book – a poetry compilation called – ‘Our Eternal Legacy’ (2007). Deep-roots-strong-treeHis second book and first short story compilation, ‘Deep Roots, Strong Tree’ (2007), was published in April 2008 as a mixture of short stories based on life lessons and experiences spanning the Caribbean, North America, Africa and Europe. As a contributing creative writer, Kwame has written for Candace Magazine (London, UK), AFAR (USA), Asta News You Can Use (www.astapublications.com, USA) and NEX Generation (Caribbean); including a short story contribution to ‘A Lime Jewel’ (UK 2010, www.alimejewel.com), a fund-raising anthology for  Haiti, after the devastating 2010 earthquake.

CoverKwame has been featured on radio and Cable TV (CHRY – Toronto, Canada; HCity Radio.com, SLR Radio and BEN TV, Calabash – Word Power 08 (London, UK), conducted book readings, poetry performances as well as participated in open mic sessions.

The-love-poemsIn November 2012, Kwame’s short story, ‘Watching the Lizard Watch’, was read and well received at White Rabbit’s Are You Sitting Comfortably (www.thewhiterabbit.org.uk/projects/are-you-sitting-comfortably) an eclectic event dedicated to renowned and upcoming writers. His second short story book, ‘Yawd Vibes’ re-titled ‘Jamaican Vibrations: stories from the island, celebrating Jamaica’s 50th Anniversary’ has also been endorsed by the University of the West Indies. Poetry books: To Our Fallen and The Love Poems.

Kwame_McPherson_Jamaica_VibrationKwame is also working on a pioneering novelette-book series and finishing his novels. He enjoys sharing his experiences with others uplifting, empowering and enlightening them on their journey.









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