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Akeem TG (Florida, USA):


Zoe JP (London, UK): A great book to read for yourself then to pass on to your children. One of the things I love about this book, is that it is a easy read and caters for creative thinkers (dyslexics) with regards to size of font and spacing of the sentences. Thank you Author Kwame McPherson for thinking of others (dyslexic people) when writing your books.

Tamika FPW (Montego Bay, JA): Three months ago I began this journey with Author Kwame McPherson . After writing my book from 2009 it stayed in my computer till Kwame read it and now I am a published author. Story of my life . Jamaica and the lives of my life. Unearthing the Diamond speaks to and for so many. Take this journey with me and if you have written or like writing contact Kwame. He will give you your voice” the wind beneath my wings “.

Maxine M (London, UK): Meeting & working with Author Kwame McPherson  “Write to Heal” has proven to be one of the most beautiful, healing, inspiring & positive moments of 2015 thus so far. As soon as the knowledge of this course became available, I knew it was for me, & made an instant decision to secure my place. I was at a point in my life where it was quite clear that the “mess behind the message” needed to be released in order to wave a non-tearful goodbye to many years of pain & writers block. The essence of the course involved drawing on & connecting with past, present & (hoped for) future life experiences in whatever format they chose to present for the individual e.g. a conversation, poetry, prose or an account or a recollection of a memory. It was not a coincidence that all of the groups’ participants had similar (yet different) stories to share, which served as both a blessing & an encouragement, as each person was at a different stage of recovery. As cliched as it might sound, I was stunned to learn I was not the only one going through! Kwame facilitated each session with compassion, empathy, sensitivity & understanding in its purest & truest forms. A true master of his trade. Write to Heal has been instrumental in giving my story a voice. I feel excited at the doors of opportunity that await me. Thank you N’Gozi for the Write to Heal brainchild. Thank you to my fellow Write to Heal-ers! The journey was amazing. & thank you Kwame for you who you are, what you are doing & for what you will continue to do in my life, & in the lives of many others. You are officially one of my destiny helpers! Simply the best.

Judy D (London, UK): “Hello Kwame, sorry I took so long in responding, I’d been unwell for quite a while, but thankfully feeling alot better now. Kwame it was an absolute pleasure meeting you. A write to heal was soooo inspiring and an eye opener especially listening to the other ladies testimonies. This whole journey has made me to look into myself alot more and to be a bit less critical of other people, as you don’t know whats happened to them to make them the person they are today. Kwame both you and Ngozi are awesome and the workshop was truly amazing, so please continue the good work.”

Claudia B (London, UK): ”Kwame is the most encouraging, supportive, compassionate man, facilitator and human being. Having lived a lot of my life where this way of being has been few and far between, this is a refreshing change. This has uplifted my faith in trusting that my prayers are always answered, even when and especially if they are as simple as I wonder what it would feel like to…; We all need someone to believe in us when we find it hard to believe in ourselves. Kwame does this with ease, reverence and grace and I am very appreciative to have met and be facilitated by him on the ‘Writing to Heal’; workshop in Tottenham. Expertly skilled to bring out the literary spirit in all. Such a true measure of Divine Masculine. Thank you xxx”

Charly N (London, UK – Author of the best selling book, How I Won My War): “I had been thinking about writing a book for a long time before I was introduced to Author Kwame McPherson by a mutual friend of ours. I met Kwame for an ice-breaker conversation during which I told him about my life including my challenges as a soldier in the British Army. Kwame immediately identified the potential of my life experiences and not only emphasised the benefits to others, but made me see the urgency of getting my message to the world. If I hadn’t met Kwame, I doubt that I would have acted so promptly on my book writing and I am sure that it will be the same for you when you put your trust in this wise and experienced man.” (Find his book at: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1910662097)

Cezanne P (London, UK):Author Kwame McPherson just think, if you hadn’t taken me to that Millionaire Author Bootcamp my book might still have been sitting in my computer along with all the other books I’ve written! I won’t forget that…”

Clover C (London, UK): “Mr McP you did a great workshop for my forum that help my members – Poetry by Expression – they gained a lot from this workshop by believing in self and taking control.”

Author DW Moxam (London, UK): “Today I am going to write a name for you. A male author that I personally find his work, words and depth up there with some of the great authors that have blessed this planet. His name is Author Kwame McPherson and if you enjoy urban literature I recommend you invest time into his products. You won’t be disappointed”

Steve B (Pickering, Canada): “Please check out this extremely gifted author, my friend Author Kwame McPherson. I bought a few of his books and i believe this brother is hands down one of the greatest Jamaican authors of our generation. PLEASE SUPPORT HIS WORK…”

Bernard B. (London, UK): “Inspirational and thought provoking writing that is on par with many others that seem to get the undeserved media/public attention and adulation. Keep doing what you’re doing Mackee!!”

Steve R. (Kingston, Ja) honoured by saying: Author Kwame McPherson…I own a few of your books and love your works and I have to say that this only adds to your already astout resume of brilliant writing. You WILL have a few best sellers, it’s only a matter of time and in my mind I believe you are one of the best storytellers whose work I’ve had the pleasure of reading. Uncommon Blessings to you my brother and I wish for you nothing but…BEST SELLERS!”

P Harris-G. (London, UK): “Working with Kwame McPherson was an enlightening experience. With his extensive knowledge of a variety of industries, he was able to support me by guiding me through the many skills I have gained over the years from the various positions I have held, with a view to my developing my own independent career. Kwame is patient and informed and was able to help me set realistic and achievable goals.  He was also able to help me reframe my interpretation of some of the more negative aspects of my roles.  He enabled me to see how I managed, navigated and turned them into positives which I can take forward and draw upon them in the future.  I would highly recommend his services to those looking for career and life skills support.”

Victor N. (London, UK): “My relationship with Kwame M.A. McPherson has benefited me beyond expectation.  The way in which we met caused me to learn a simple and effective form of presenting myself to some. Kwame said “Hey man, how are you doing? To which I replied, “I’m OK.”  Instantly, Kwame told me to change the I’m OK, to I’m GREAT. Without feeling forced, I was sure that Kwame had great intentions from the get-go. Since that day, whether I see Kwame at the gym, the local bus terminal or just passing by each other on the street, I’ve asked him questions specific to his entrepreneurial abilities and author capabilities, and he has given me the answers and responses that a leader would give to his followers.

It’s been very hard to sort through all of the varying men in life, searching for a true role model. A man amongst men, a gentleman. I’ve found great characteristics within Kwame, his ability to make me smile and feel cheerful by him smiling, his honest and well timed responses. Not saying too much on a matter but saying what needs to be said seems to be a fine art that Kwame has perfected. 

I can honestly say that meeting Kwame was no coincidence, but a destiny. I have yet to complete my very first How-To book on the Power of Linguistics. With Kwame as my mentor, success is mine and his to have.”

Chris S. (Vancouver, Canada): “I’m in Vancouver, Canada, so I’m a bit behind on the times unfortunately. Cheryl helps me keep up to date. One of my favourite moments of this past summer was reading Deep Roots, Strong Tree sitting on Grouse mountain in splendid isolation. Probably the calmest 4 hours I’ve had in years.”

William F. C. (New York, U.S.A) describes: “With an eclectic array of stimulating stories, a talented new scribe introduces himself to the world of literature in fine form. You will enjoy his work.”

Marie Q. (London, UK) further asserts: “Kwame is an amazing writer, bringing his and other peoples’ experiences to the forefront in the way he recites his stories. He does this by providing affective images in simple yet powerful ways. Without a doubt, he is a writer for ALL generations and definitely is an inspiration for our young people.”

Sarah S. (London, UK) says:  “Kwame is an exciting new author who celebrates Caribbean culture and folklore with humour. His writing can be described as funny, engaging and sometimes packing a surprising punch. His writing can also be regarded by some as a love letter celebrating Caribbean life.”

Esther A. (London, UK) said: “Kwame is a delightful man with a strong sense of self, a great sense of humor yet with high morales and integrity. I have worked with him in various capacities and these qualities have proved to be incredibly important in how we have interacted. Kwame is passionate about anything he puts his mind to whether that be his writing or his business. His zeal to empower clients with regards to pensions and other financial aspects have been a real eye opener for me. a great learning curve and I have seen that passion influence many people to make changes within their own lives around their finances. I have also had the pleasure of interviewing Kwame on my radio show and once again he openness and honesty really make him a very very credible person to work with and to know.”

Winsome, D. (London, UK):Life is a funny thing. You never really know who will come out and support you on the road to success. I wrote a book called ‘You Were Supposed To Love Me’ (The Break Up Book) and the response that I got was phenomenal. I am particularly interested by the title resonating among men. I saw Kwame at the Excel centre we had a great chat and continued to connect on Facebook. I asked for Kwame to enter our book art exhibition and he was one the first to submit his thoughtful artwork.It has amazed me that men would like to contribute to the healing of relationships. The icing on the cake was when I asked my social network to write a poem about relationship experiences. Kwame returned to me such an honest piece of poetry, I was profoundly moved by his expression. Kwame is a gifted Author and Poet who continues to support my movement. I look forward to working with him again in the future.”

Bridget B.M. (London, UK): “Kwame course was stimulating, challenging and fun, it was the first step in empowering me to discover my own voice and begin to use it. Kwame’s joyful and positive approach gave me the confidence to start believing in my writing abilities & ignite the spark that led me to seek opportunities that have now led me to become a published writer.  His wealth of information, ideas and helpful tips will be beneficial to any writer regardless of their level of experience.”

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