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How Writing The Right Book Changed My Life!

Ok, so I’d no idea the power of the written word until I met my future writing mentor, seeking out his help. I was at a crossroads, uncertain of how to use my talents doing what I loved and making something of it – how could I use writing to build the business of my dreams. You know the one, working when I wanted, how I wanted, wherever I wanted. Yup, can you imagine that lifestyle?

I’d finished with the Rat Race about five years ago (and that’s another story) recognising after being ill and the way the organisation treated me that enough was enough. It felt like I was being constrained. Suffocating in an environment that stymied my creativity. Then it felt like taking the training wheels from the two-wheeler I first rode as a child or taking the first step to climb a daunting mango tree (I grew up in the Caribbean). So, I ventured into an uncertain but exciting future. This journey taking me into attempting one business after another and for whatever reason some worked, others didn’t. I tried network marketing too many times to count. I was even a part of one such multilevel business from scratch until it went bust (again another story to be told!). But eventually I returned to what I truly loved, a place where my creativity was at its most potent empowering and enlightening others.

I did have the mindset but what wasn’t equipped with the know-how, so I asked my mentor what should I do. His simple answer just blew my mind and you won’t believe what he said:

Why not write for others writers!” Huh? You kidding me, that was it? In my head a lightbulb glowed then exploded. That was it!

I loved creative writing – fiction mainly – but never attempted any non-fiction work or saw the potential of having a book based on some theme/subject. Still, the seed planted by my mentor of writing for writers germinated and had me excited no end. I went out and did exactly that. My first non-fiction, co-authored with my then business partner, became an award winning book but that wasn’t the kicker…it opened so many doors I’m just touch the tip of the mountain. I’ve now realised that the ‘right’ book doesn’t only bring self-actualisation in having written one or a potential income stream, it can also enhance a reputation and allow access to networks that weren’t open before.

Today, I am still in awe of how my brand has become global. Why not join me in writing the write book?